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Chelsea Academia is the  premier choice for quality teachers and the best training programs for Early Childhood Development education.

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Chelsea Academia is accredited by the London Teacher’s Training College (LTTC). Established in 1984, London-based LTTC is one of UK’s most respected and established course providers.
Whether you are a teacher seeking to upgrade your skills or an adult looking for a career switch, we have a team of well-qualified and experienced lecturers to help you gain the necessary skills.
Chelsea Academia is determined in it’s focus on providing quality programmes and workshops. It is committed to it’s vision and goal to train and develop the careers of quality teachers.

Interactive and Practical

A truly immersive experiential learning environment


Providing quality training and development for teachers in Early Childhood Learning

We build strong relationships with our teachers and strive to enhance their careers equipping them with new and creative learning strategies.

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